A waist-up drawing of a character of your choice. B/W only.

5$ (may come with minimal shading)


Bust: 10$
Waist-Up: 20$
Full Body: 30$


Bust: 20$
Waist-Up: 30$
Full Body: 40$


Bust: 25$
Waist-Up: 40$
Full Body: 50$


Bust: 5$


Monster People
Animals (Feral)
Flight Rising


Gore (Guts / Organs)
Candy Gore
Offensive Imagery
Nsfw / Fetish / Suggestive
Heavy Mecha
Animation or comics
Real people
Ref sheets

Additional character is an additional 1.5x the base price. Ask me about group images.

A Complex BG is +15$ to any drawing. This implies some kind of scene that the character is in or interacting with.

If you have any specific commissions in mind that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, let me know. I’m open to discussion (just make sure it fits my do’s and don’ts).

I assume you do not want me to contact you with sketches / progress until I finish the product. If you prefer I do keep in touch, you must let me know. This is your responsibility.


How quickly do you usually do your commissions?

Expect your commission to be done anywhere between one day or 30 days. I am a slow worker with various bursts of energy or motivation. Feel free to contact me if I somehow go beyond this range. Please don’t ask about work being done in a smaller time range.

How many corrections are you able to do to the piece?

It really depends. Overall, I’m open to discussing it. If you want changes to the sketch or progress steps before the final piece, I can change as much as you want (including a redo sketch). If it’s a final piece, I am probably less apt to change things.

If it’s an error on my fault, such as missing something that was clearly labeled in the character design or specifically mentioned to me, then I will change it willingly. However, if you want something changed that is essentially subjective or vague from the character design, I may be less apt to change it.

I have every right to deny making continuous edits or re-sketches if I find I am be overworked.


No. It is your responsibility to communicate to me if you feel you have a specific need and want to see all the in-between steps. If you change your mind at the end and never tell me you expected criticisms as I worked on the piece, it is your responsibility.

The only time I would allow a refund is I take obscenely long to finish your commission (for example, 3+ months), or I end up declining your commission after payment. This is a rare occurence, but I am open to discussion.

Why are your prices so high?

I value my art to how I feel is appropriate to my skills and time put into it. If you want to commission someone else instead of me, feel free. Art is a luxury.